Welcome and thanks for visiting 'our space' We've both worked as crew collectively for almost 50 years in the airline industry and travelled a few miles over the years.


Needless to say when it came to the birth of our daughter we were determined to record her travels. We loved the idea of cherished childhood memories being looked back on in years to come.


We managed to find an old vintage flight log book for our daughter before she was born. She first flew at the age 4 weeks and since then every flight has been recorded. Nowadays she enjoys asking the crews herself to complete her log. By the age of 7 she had travelled almost 250,000 miies by air.


The Logs often prompt flight deck invitations. Our daughter and her log have been invited many times by the flight crew to visit the flight deck after landing. She always enjoys having a photo wearing the captains hat whilst sat in the 'Drivers Seat'


With her Log almost full and unable to secure any further copies we decided to design and publish the 'Junior Flight Log'.

For 'Older kids' too cool for the junior version, we have formatted the Flight Record Book. (This is also ideal for the aviation enthusiast)


Want an thoughtful gift for the arrival of a new baby? The Junior Flight Log makes the perfect unusual gift, you can guarantee the child will still have it in their 40s!


Let us know how you get on with your mileage! We always love to hear about others as passionate about travel as we are! Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and let us know your travel stories. Even better, join in The Log Book Challenge by taking a photo of your Log Book at a landmark around the world.


Doors to automatic and happy flying!

Vince & Natalie

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